Greggy V is the go-to guy for writing side-splitting parodies that’ll have your audience rolling in the aisles

 Greggy V is a comedian who offers amazing entertainment for corporate and other events. His parody writing style is broadly accessible to all audiences and covers a range of popular classics. Your audience will never hear these songs the same again after a Greggy V performance at your next corporate event!

He brings a unique style of entertainment to events and venues all throughout New York to offer an alternative to the crass or offensive comedians that you’re not sure you can book for an event with an eclectic audience. Greggy V is the trusted entertainer for all events to create memorable experiences that your visitors and guests will reflect on fondly.


Bringing fun, quality entertainment to the state of New York

 There’s a reason Greggy V is called the Prince of Parodies. He’s been writing hilarious parodies for literally decades and bringing his comedy to central New York state all the while. Now he’s out to spread his comedic wings and take the show on the road by offering his entertainment all throughout New York state.

In 2018 Greggy V was invited to perform his act at the 6th annual SOLOCOM Festival at the People’s Improv Theater in Manhattan. Since then he’s been on the road, performing at various events and participating in comedy contests to spread the joy of his clean comedic parodies all throughout the state. He’s been performing for crowds of all sizes and for a broad variety of events, leaving his audiences laughing until their sides hurt everywhere he goes!

Completely original parodies written just for the occasion

Greggy specializes in providing clean, family-friendly and corporate-friendly entertainment so that everyone can enjoy a fun evening. His years of experience writing parodies enables him to create completely new and highly creative entertainment specials written especially for the event at hand.

All those inside jokes within your industry, all those things that your employees and colleagues understand that people outside your industry simply wouldn’t get, those are the things that Greggy V capitalizes on to create memorable and relatable parodies your audience will more than enjoy.

He loves what he does, and he does it extremely well. To book your next corporate event with Greggy V, simply give us a call or send us an email to talk about what you need for your night of clean entertainment.